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Dear gentlemen!


         Saint-Petersburg׳s Public Youth Organization «Baseball Club «North Stars» was founded in 2001. Our club develops such kind of sport as baseball. Children team   and junior baseball exists in our city since 1990, when several children baseball teams were organized.

         According to the sports results, baseball club «Lokomotiv» was a leader in Saint-Petersburg for a long time. But the headquarters of the sport club «Lokomotiv» unexpectedly decided to stop the financing of baseball department nevertheless the junior team has won the Championship of Russia in 2001 and took the third place in 2000 year.

         So the decision to organize a new baseball club – the «North Stars» - was taken. All the players and the head coach went to our club from «Lokomotiv». Hence «Baseball Club «North Stars» is a successor of the junior baseball team «Lokomotiv».

         Among the players of our club there are the ones from the National Baseball Team and sport masters of international level. Two players (members of the Russian Junior Team) are going to take part in the European Championship in July, 2005. Our team is based on players of 1987-1990 years of birth. “North Stars” is the strongest team in this age category in Saint-Petersburg.

          Also, we have a group of children born in 1994-1996 years.

         Besides, the children team «Baseball Club «North Stars» is able to announce baseball team for the First League Championship of Russia and the Russian Cup.

         It׳s pleasant that mass media pay more and more attention to baseball news. Saint-Petersburg׳s press has published a number of articles about baseball after the junior Championship of Russia in 2001. Baseball’s life is lit up by the central Russian sport edition – «Sport-Express». Besides, TV channel «RTR – Saint-Petersburg» has made a report devoted to the baseball theme.

         Such an interest to baseball is not accidental. The Russian National Team has won silver medals of the European Championship in 2001. Russian children and junior teams of our country have already won the prime positions in Europe. Petersburg׳s players play very important roles in the mentioned above teams.

         However, the perspective team is not able to exist using just family’s resource. It’s necessary to buy a high-quality equipment, get uniform. Made also a lot of money is spent on competition trips.

         Having enough financial resources for a professional development of the «Baseball Club «North Stars», and baseball in general, lots of children will have an opportunity to play this fascinating game and not to be without any control. They also will have an opportunity to participate in different tournaments, including international competitions. The headquarters of our club maintain friendly relationships with different baseball clubs of Moscow, Yaroslavl and the Far East of Russia.

         We are convinced that in the near future our club will be one of the leading baseball clubs in Russia and will take prizes in competitions all the time. So we need not just only coaches, players and their parents to be interested in baseball. Baseball is an Olympic game, and consequently will continue to develop in Russia.

         On our part, we’ll be very glad to place the logo of your company on our uniform, on advertising boards at the stadium, and on the official internet site of the club. Using the interest of Mass Media to our club, we are capable of improving the image of your company in Saint-Petersburg and in Russia.




With a great respect,

Director of PO «Baseball Club «North Stars»                                Denis Novokshonov


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